How to request an appointment at DMV Hawaii?

Get a DMV Hawaii appointment quickly and easily. The Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles is the division that facilitates your driver’s license, vehicle registration, identification card and more

You can schedule an appointment from DMV Hawaii online, by phone or in person at an office near you.

DMV Hawaii

Whether it’s to renew your license, take a driver’s test or simply change your address, DMV Hawaii is an important area which offers a number of services for the vast majority of people.

While you can often come in person and invest your time in expediting your paperwork, you may choose to use other online avenues to complete your driver’s license paperwork.

Steps to request an appointment at DMV Hawaii

Request DMV Hawaii Appointment online and by phone.

  1. Log in from DMV Hawaii at
  2. Choose whether you want Driver Services or Vehicle Services at the top.
  3. Follow the steps, whether the process can be completed online or you must schedule a DMV Hawaii appointment.
  4. However, you will also be able to check the hours of operation and access phone numbers.
  5. Some Hawaii DMV offices will be able to assist you in person, others from telephone services.

What can I do at DMV Hawaii?

You will be able to perform the following procedures.

Make an appointment at DMV Hawaii or process online if you wish to perform any of these driver and identification document related procedures.

  • Hawaii driver’s license procedures
  • Hawaii Driver’s License and Hawaii State ID Renewal
  • Vehicle scrapping
  • Motor vehicle inquiries: title and fee
  • License plates, emblems and decals/schedule
  • Trailer registration information
  • Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Frequently Asked Questions (Recon)
  • Vehicle ownership transfer by mail
  • Vehicles in storage
  • Customer Service Department Forms

All driver license and state identification services are by appointment only. To help ensure a successful visit, customers are encouraged to have all required documents and complete the application form in advance.

Best time to schedule an appointment at DMV Hawaii

Keep in mind the following tips for heading to the DMV Hawaii driver’s license office.

  • Afternoons tend to be busier than mornings.
  • The middle of the week tends to have shorter waits than Mondays and Fridays.
  • The DMV Hawaii office breaks for lunch around noon, which leaves fewer employees. You can avoid getting a DMV Hawaii Appointment at that time if you can.
  • Be aware of the time it will take to complete your DMV Hawaii appointment, especially if you are obtaining a permit or taking a road test.
  • Some paperwork can be completed over the phone or online. Don’t forget to call or mail to make sure you are aware of all the requirements for completing your paperwork.

Hawaii DMV Offices

Some Hawaii DMV driver’s license offices may be closed or open to the public. As you may know, DMV is an office dedicated to serving anyone who wishes to process their license, CDL, and others, and you can see a list of state offices, addresses, DMV Hawaii and CDL phone numbers below.

Renewing your driver’s license in Hawaii

Renewing your driver’s license is quick and you can request your appointment from DMV Hawaii. However, if you have already started the process by mailing in a driver’s license renewal more than 8 weeks ago and did not receive it, you can email to check the status. Remember to include your driver’s license number and the date you mailed it in.

Finally, you should know that The Division of Licensing, Permits and Motor Vehicles – DMV Hawaii provides a range of public, licensing and motor vehicle services, and performs regulatory functions. It operates from five driver license centers located on Oʻahu: Kapālama, Kapolei, Koʻolau, Wahiawā and Waiʻanae.

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