Enquiries, driver licenses and appointments from a DMV in the USA

Today, many state DMV Departments have updated their DMV appointment systems. That means that in many cases it’s easier to get a DMV appointment online so you can save time if you have to go to your local DMV office.

You can book your appointment online from the DMV in your state of residence or where you want to process any documents related to your vehicle, driver’s license and related payments.

How to book an appointment at the DMV?

See the simple steps from here.

Most DMVs in the U.S. encourage people to do as much as they can online to speed up the process of some paperwork, but there are certain things you cannot complete online: this usually includes receiving your Real ID, passing a vision test or taking a driving test.

Find an appointment from the state DMV

We’ve listed the necessary DMV information to schedule a visit in each state, including how to book a DMV appointment. This includes DMV appointments for registration renewals, license renewals, Real ID licenses, permit tests, road tests, license plates and more.

Skip a visit to the DMV and get your services online

On each state page, we also describe the services you can do online from the DMV. Plus links to the main procedures, allowing you to save even more time by going to the DMV just to submit the necessary documents.

See our list of states below.

DMV Offices

View our DMV appointment information pages, as well as book a DMV appointment. We do our best to keep the pages up to date.

Get DMV appointment information for any state.

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